Companies Invested in Helping Women Succeed

37 Angels
37 Angels is a network of 50 women investors whose mission is to focus on the holistic entrepreneurial support for women. With a keen spotlight on early investment education, they train women investors as much as aspiring women founders of startups. The network picks about 8 companies every 2 months to pitch to their network of investors and invest between 50-150 K into each company. 

SCORE helps entrepreneurs thrive by mentoring and educating them through small vibrant communities. Every year, SCORE’s volunteers freely give over 1 million hours of their time to support their communities. They also have special programs for women to them locate everything they need to kick-start and grow their business.

Founded in 1998, the Association of Women’s Business Centres is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and supports women entrepreneurs through a sustainable national network of over 100 Women’s Business Centers (WBC). The WBCs provide training, mentoring, business development and financing opportunities to see many women through success in business every year.

Walker’s Legacy
Walker’s Legacy is another enterprise that recognizes and appreciates the need for support and resources for women of color. Walker’s Legacy lends support to “walkers” in the form of information and inspiration through networking in their open forum.

eWomenNetwork presents a dynamic network of brilliant women entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate professionals. It provides a headstart for women in the network to market and promotes their companies along with access to important resources and influencers.


The Founding Moms
The Founding Moms is a unique mix of offline meetups and online resources where moms talk as much about the balancing act as about the business and growth strategies.


The Women’s Institute for Financial Education, or W.I.F.E., is a non-profit organization for women seeking financial freedom for all of life’s events.

Daily Worth

Daily Worth’s goal is to see that “all women see money not as a source of stress and anxiety, but as one of freedom and empowerment.”


Ms.Money offers purchase guides for building a business and family, buying a home, car or getting insurance. Ms. Money’s Women’s Corner highlights the significance of making financial resources accessible to women, at every stasge in their lives.


Free or Affordable Financial Advice

Robo-advisers & Tech-based tools
Robo-advisers are relatively new to the scene, but shouldn’t be overlooked. Each platform is different in how it operates and what it provides. Many robo-advisers go beyond investment management and delve into retirement planning and advice on reaching short- and long-term financial goals, often by linking all of your financial accounts in one place. Check out this list of 2018 best robo-advisers! 

Bustle wrote a great piece on using tech to save a bit here and there. It’s a nice overview of some simple, yet robust tools to get you moving in the right direction Check it out here!

Meet with a Financial Planner
There’s great value in getting one-on-one advice tailored to your situation and, every year, a group of nonprofit organizations hosts a “financial planning day,” where anyone can meet with a financial planner. 

Visit the Financial Planning Association’s website at for a list of pro bono events where you get receive tailored advice from certified financial experts near you! 

Additional Options
If a steep debt load is causing you financial stress, see whether a visit to a credit-counseling agency makes sense for you. Go to to find out more.

For Chicagoans: 
Lastly, if you’re in the Chicago area and curious about the work being done by women to provide financial resources to those in need check out’s article here


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