Lakeview Description


Vibrant and unique, Chicago's Lakeview is a northside neighborhood that offers some of the best and most iconic in Windy City culture. Encompassing a number of smaller neighborhoods including Wrigleyville, West Lakeview, and Lakeview East, the area is home to historic Wrigley Field, the oldest stadium in Major League Baseball. Cubs fans can often be found grabbing a pre-game bite or celebrating a win at nearby pubs. Not to be outdone by the sports fans who call Lakeview home, art buffs will find a thriving community of independent theaters and concert venues like Theater Wit and the Vic Theatre. The neighborhood also claims an impressive section of Lincoln Park, which includes the woodlands of the Jarvis Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Other Lakeview highlights include Boystown, the nation's first officially recognized gay village, which continues to offer some of Chicago's best nightlife. Easy access to CTA lines, more restaurants than one could visit all year, and shopping boutiques and chain stores compete the scene.



Lakeview was originally used by Native American tribes for camping grounds and trail paths. The area's first Western settler, a Swiss immigrant, arrived in 1837, and it wasn't long before more European families arrived. Over the following years, Lakeview continued to develop into a modern metropolis — although during the Civil War, what is now known as the intersection of North Broadway, West Diversey Parkway, and North Lark Street was used as a Union training facility. Lake View was officially incorporated into Chicago in 1889.



Lakeview is living proof that different types may happily coexist in one neighborhood. In its LGBT-friendly, sports-loving, arts-driven enclaves, the area houses nearly 100,000 Chicagoans in a mix of upscale condos, mid-rise apartments, lofts, and other housing. A largely Caucasian population is still joined by significant African-American and Hispanic communities, and residents are, on the whole, well-educated professionals and families with college backgrounds.


Popular Landmarks

From catching a game at Wrigleyville Stadium to dancing the night away in Boystown, Lakeview offers something for everyone. Residents and visitors alike will delight in an afternoon's stroll around Lincoln Park, especially the stretch of which belongs to Lakeview, which includes a dog beach, golf course, trails, tennis courts, a harbor, and a bird sanctuary. Lakeview's Belmont Theater District houses more than 20 theaters, one of which alone would handily vie with an outing to the stadium, park, or energetic bars and clubs for one's attention!

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